Little Treats gallery

Navigate through our different treats and designs; order your favourite one or book a consultation to tailor-made your very own treat to your specific event.

Cake pops

Our Cake pops were a hidden gem in our repertoire, we baked them once when we just started but one of our new clients recently request them. We were very please with the final product. We hope you like the final product.


A traditional Peruvian biscuit that in flavour is not quite like the biscuits you known. Request a sample when you have your consultation appointment. Again they can be tailor-made to your specific event.


The cupcake selections were inspired by elegance and refinement, trying to make a statement that food is not only tasty but beautiful. Harmoniously mixed my passion for cupcakes and imagination  and resulted in the collection you will see. These cupcakes will make the perfect gifts for your beloved ones, colleagues, friends and family,  whatever the occasion.

The  Cupcake Collection

Celebrate in style with delicious Cupcakes All the cupcakes are baked fresh and come in a variety of flavours to suit your taste, If you feel like to making changes to our designs to comply your special occasion do not hesitate to contact us for further inquiries. I'm sure we can arrange something for you.

Wedding Trend Botanical 2017

The silver collection

Delicate in pink

Lavish Gold

Spring is here




Ladies Day

Engagement? Wedding?



Antique Style


Black & White

Butter Cream/ Swiss Merengue/ Italian

Chocolate a Must to try ! ! !

Cupcake Stands

Hire a Cupcake stand

We sell the cupcakes but you will need to arrange where to stand the cupcakes. Our stands are in style remember that finishing touches make all the difference. Only wedding cupcakes come included with the acrylic stand.

Transparent acrylic Cupcake Stand    £20.00

White rubber tree                               £8.00

One Carrousel of 12 Cupcakes          £6.00

Two Carrousels of 12 Cupcakes each    £10.00

One Carrusel of 24 Cupcakes           £10.00

Standing Table Mannequin              £25.00

One bird cage table piece centre     £6.00

Two bird cages table piece centre    £10.00




I was quite unsure whether to add this treat or not to Mama Cupcake menu. I wondered how the customers will react, so decided to test the market. When I’ve been tasting the Alfajors, trying to find out if they can be loved or hated by the public, the customer’s reaction was a complete surprise. 

The customers asked what are those, are they Macarroons? When they tried them, they loved, it was a full sold out (my grand mother’s recipe was a success) but they called them  "Peruvian biscuits". Of course I explained it was an ALFAJOR, sort of like a biscuit commonly found in South America, particularly in Peru. Alfajor is so beloved and popular that is considered as a peruvian traditional sweet. The filling in the middle is what makes an alfajor, what is the filling? It is called manjar blanco. What does it taste like? I’m afraid you will have to buy it to find out. Every customer loved, will you?



Dozen  £3.50