By phone

Prefer to make your reservation by phone? You can make a reservation by calling 07767258722 between 09:00am to 07:00 pm . 

Special Events & Private Parties

Catering and Events are opportunities for us to work more closely with our customers; occasions for us to share our dedication to your celebration in exciting new ways. We accept a limited number of reservations in advance for children parties group, there is a maximum and a minimum per session.  

The Big event


Visit us for a personal consultation, design and testing appointment; bring a love one who would like to share this moment with you and help you to decide.

Ask for a free consultation to discus your design without tasting, however drinks will be provided as a courtesy.

Consultations with tasting could last up to one hour and there is a fee of £10.00 which needs to be paid in advance. The fee is noon refundable. On arrival of your consultation day, three of your favourite flavours chosen in advance from our menu will be waiting for you two of each one. They will be serve with your chosen drink of tea, coffee or juice. We will talk through your ideas and suggestions to pair with your special day, perhaps you already know what you want, bring your design and we will try to bring it to live. At the end of the session you will take with you all the remaining samples.

Children cupcake decorating party

Seats up to 10

My young VIP customers will set free their imagination and create the most amazing designs they wish. They will decorate 6 cupcakes each, which at the end of the party they will take home to proudly parade home their expertise in cupcake decorating. The minimum we book is 5 children and the maximum 10. Ages starting from 4. we need one adult per every 5 children to be present during the party. Price per child £12.00 all soft drinks for children and the parent will be included or £17.00 and Children will take with them a promotional cupcake kit to practice decorating skills at home and recreate what they learned. The kit contain: 

  • Baking tray for 6 cupcakes 
  • 32 Cupcake cases
  • 10 Disposable piping bags
  • 4 Different pipping nozzles

- This is a promotional kit base on first come first serve bases.  

 - Refreshments will be  provided to each participant to keep them on           going during the session.  


Call 07767258722 to reserve either  for your reception day or children cupcake decorating party.